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Eduardo Palomo:
Goodbye, Eduardo

                                        November 11, 2003 


Thursday, November the 6th, 2003 the famous Mexican actor Eduardo Palomo died suddently because of a heart attack while having dinner with his wife and friends. Eduardo left leaving behind two children: His 5-years old daughter Fiona and his 3-years old son, and his wife Carina Rico. Eduardo and Carina were married on 1996.

Aged only 41, the famous Mexican actor Eduardo Palomo died of a heart attack, while having dinner in Los Angeles, USA.

Eduardo was borned on May 13, 1962, and his debut was on 1983 in the movie "Sin Privilegios" and the same year in the telenovela "Por Amor". On 1994 he published his only CD, titled "Mover el tiempo", and he also worked as a director and as a writer. After the international success of the telenovela "Corazon Salvaje", where he gave life to the character of Juan, the last years he didn't have the same success. After "Corazon Salvaje" he had the main role in telenovelas "Morir dos veces" and  "Huracan", that didn't have the success of "Corazon Salvaje", and that fact disappointed Televisa, and himself, that's why on 2000, after the end of the shootings of Ramona, near Kate del Kastillo, he moved to Tv azteca. But he was asked to turn back to Televisa, since they wanted to make the continue of "Corazon Salvaje", with Edith Gonzales and him, again in the main roles. Destiny wanted things to be different...


The telenovela "Kingpin", in the USA, was his last work, but he was getting ready for a role in the movie" day without a Mexican", its shottings should start in 2004, but also he was getting ready for the comeback in the telenovelas with the continue of "Corazon Salvaje", for Televisa./

Today Eduardo's family will be given his body so as to make the funeral. 

                                        May he rest in peace.. 


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