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Silvia Navarro
Ready for her new telenovela

                                         November 11, 2003


 Silvia Navarro had recently an accident at home: She fell in her bathroom and she broke her nose. This kept her away from tv for some weeks so she stopped being the hostess of the reality game "Estrellas de Novela", showing in Azteca Canal 13 in Mexico. Now that she can return to the telenovelas, she accepted the offer of Tv azteca for the main role in the new telenovela that will replace "La hija del Jardinero".

The sweet actress, that had the main role in telenovelas "Perla", "Catalina y Sebastian", "Cuando Seas Mia" and more recently in "La Duda" is getting ready for her new telenovela.

  The new telenovela of Silvia is titled  "Endiablada". Although Silvia's fans would prefer Sergio Basañez to have the main role for in the new novela, Silvia didn't want it because she is afraid that her fans will be bored watching her near Sergio always. On the other hand, her friend and ex-boyfriend Sergio Basañez this period is having a role in the continue of the telenovela "Mirada de Mujer", named "Mirada de mujer el regreso". For these reasons the actor from Venezuela Jorge Aravena, was chosen to be her new tv-partner, while "Soledad" 's brother will be Yahir, a new actor that was a player of "La academia" reality show.


Recently Silvia went to the birthday party for Tv Azteca's ten years, with her new partner. Silvia is being recovering after an accident in the bathroom of her house, but this didn't disallow her to go to the birthday party of the tv-company that made her famous all over the world.

  The story of "Endiablada" takes place in the imaginary place  "Puerto Adentro" where Melquisedec Ahumada lives with his children Soledad (Silvia Navarro), Damaso (Yahir) and Magdalena (Tamarra Monserrat). Ahumada is the most endowed man in that place. Soledad, Melquisedec's twenty five year old daughter,

despises men and considers them her inferior. Meanwhile, Daniel Clemente (Jorge Aravena) wins the hacienda adjacent Puerto Adentro in a game of chance. Upon his arrival, he becomes instantly fascinated with Soledad and wants her to become his wife at all cost.Daniel's visit to Puerto Adentro causes a stir among all the lovely women of the place: Elda, a liberated woman who is the lover of
three men; Magdalena, Soledad's sister, Soledad and Victoria, Daniel's former lover who has come to PA to marry Melquisedec. Daniel becomes the object of the affection of these women: Soledad,
with her proud love; Magdalena, with her crazy romantic love; Victoria, with her obsessive love and Elda, with her lustful love. The life of Daniel in the 

Jorge Aravena will be the partner of Silvia in her new telenovela. Fact that disappointed Silvia Navarro\s and Sergio Basañez's fans, that want them together.

hacienda becomes a constant fight for the recognition of Soledad's father and for the acceptance of his love by Soledad.


  We wish good luck to Silvia, and we hope her new telenovela will be the same successful as her previous novelas! 


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