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Gabriela Spanic
Coming soon with a new series,
together with a new love?

                                         December 20, 2003

Following the success of the Colombian series “La Venganza”, this popular Venezuelan actress has  happily accepted a contract with Telemundo, a Spanish language channel based in Miami, for two new series, in association with Tepuy and RTI, two Colombian television companies.   Gabriela is already preparing for her new series, even though nothing has been announced concerning who her new co-star  will be. Rumours abound in the press with names such as Carlos Vives, Carlos Ponce, Jorge Aravena, who will be starring with Silvia 

More beautiful than never before, Gabriela gets ready for her new telenovela, and she makes a new beginning in her 
personal life..

Navarro in Endiablada, [RELATED ARTICLE]  and Osvaldo Rios. The latest name to hit  the news is Francisco Gattorrno (Pedro, “Laberintos De Pasion) but nothing is         certain yet.

Recently, Gabriela visited her homeland , Venezuela, because of her ongoing divorce proceedings with Miguel de Leon (Douglas Maldonado - La Usurpadora ) but also to receive an award for her role in “La Venganza” as the best actress in a foreign telenovela.   She was not accompanied to the awards ceremony  by her co-star  in “La Venganza”  and her companion of the last year, Jose Angel Llamas, something that made everyone at the ceremony suspicious. These suspicions  were well-founded because , shortly after,  both Gabriela and Jose Angel announced that their relationship had ended and not in the nicest way.  Jose Angel is no longer speaking to Gabriela,  something that has upset her a lot because she wanted to remain friends.  Last month Gabriela 


Gabriela won the award of the best actress in a foreign telenovela, in "Dos de Oro" festival in Venezuela, that 
took place before a month.

re-settled permanently in Venezuela while waiting for the start of the shooting of her new series.  She intends to spend Christmas there with her family and friends.

It seems
though that Cupid is knocking on Gabriela’s door once more.   Gabriela met Hollywood actor John Cusack at a birthday party for baseball player Sammy Sosa in Santo Domingo and their relationship  seems to have progressed beyond friendship.  In an interview in   the American TV magazine TV Notas,  Gabriela said that she was going to learn English for John’s sake and that John had  invited her to spend 4 days with him on his private island.

Gabriela and Jose Angel Llamas, some days before they stop their relationship.

"I didn't know who John Cusack was! He asked me "¿Sabes quien soy ?" (Do you know who am I?) and I answered him "I'm sorry, no"! John felt embarassed, so was I. From the time we met he constantly refers to me as “Beautiful Woman”, the popular actress stated in the same interview. “I arrived at the island in his helicopter and he took me straight to the hotel.  He treated me like a queen! Katie Barberi (Miranda – “Por tu amor”) helped us communicate as she was our personal translator all the time I stayed there.  John is a very intelligent  and  knowledgeable person and I had a great time”.   Gabriela finished the interview by saying : “I now have to finish my English lessons even more quickly! I promised him that I would and he promised me that he would learn Spanish.


John Cusack has starred in many films, his voice has been used for many characters in cartoon films and he has been a well known actor in show business for 20 years now. !

  Does this mean that a new love is blossoming? Time will tell!


SOURCES:  Magazine TV-notas USA, Gabriela Spanic Forums -
MANY THANKS: To Kiriakos for his help about the information and photos required for this article, and to Effie and Kiriakos again, for their help in the translation of that article

from Greek to English!

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