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Cuando Seas Mia web site
El diario de Daniela web site
Laberintos de Pasion web site

La mentira web site
La Usurpadora
Mi pequeña Soledad web site
Perro amor web site
Por tu amor web site
Yo amo a Paquita Gallego web site
La Soberana's unique web site
La intrusa web site
Mexican Database: Information for 90% of Actors, Actresses and telenovelas from Mexico
Rosalinda web site
Fernando Colunga Online
La Usurpadora Russian Site
Gabriela Spanic and Fernando Colunga Malaysian website
Sham's favourite actors
Fernando Colunga's Malaysian site
Fernando Colunga's 2nd Malaysian site
Muneca Brava club from Israel
Cebollitas web site
Fernando Colunga Love /.\ Site from Turkey


Mexican Telenovelas
The best website for telenovelas of Televisa and Tv Azteca (mexican) telenovelas.
Pictures and Videos from telenovelas
Thousands of videos and photos from many telenovelas!
Telenovelas, Series, Videoclips, Cartoons, many goodies in this russian/english site.
Fernando Colunga Best Fan
Website for the famour actor Fernando Colunga
Fernando Colunga Olivares
Website for the famous actor
Rincon Latino
On-line magazine for telenovelas and artists from latin america
Telenovelas - Internet
Information on many telenovelas, Tv listings of telenovelas over the world and others
Telenovelas Online
Very informative website on telenovelas especially from mexico.
Latina Thalia
Website of the latin super-star Thalia
Coquette Gaby
Website for the coquette Gabriela Spanic

Where the fans are meeting...
Muneca Brava Greek Forum
The greek forum of Muneca Brava
Greek Tv
The greek forum of greek tv: If you have any comments, write it here!
Best Telenovelas Club
A group for the best telenovelas!
El nino que vino del Mar
The only group of El nino que vino del mar
Gaby's infinite realm
Gabriela Spanic's realm does never end
The beauty Gabriela Spanic
The beautiful Gabriela Spanic
Yo amo a Paquita Gallego
The only group of Yo amo a Paquita Gallego
Sin Pecado Concebido
Sin Pecado Concebido; Exclusive photos, articles etc from the telenovela of televisa
Cezar Evora - 1
The first club of Cezar Evora with lots of photos and files!
Cezar Evora - 2
Continue of the first club of Cezar with the newest information about him!


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